Keep it private

This week’s topic was really eye-opening, as it focused on an area of digital identity that we don’t consider. Making one wrong choice online could potentially negatively affect us for life. After reading many of my peers’ posts, I have realised that my idea of having multiple identities is very different from others. However, the … Continue reading Keep it private

Can we close the gap?

My knowledge on this topic has widely developed after reading several peers blog posts. The differentiation of personal and macro factors is not something I had previously considered. Mainly macro factors seem to differentiate the digital access between the population in countries of a similar development. I found it quite surprising that some fellow young … Continue reading Can we close the gap?


Digital differences are the way in which individuals or groups of individuals interact with the web in different ways. Some of the factors that influence this difference are age, gender, race, country of residence and economic status. According to an Ofcom report, that analysed adults’ media use and attitudes, non-internet users are more likely than … Continue reading THE DIVIDE